White Heart Clams

White Heart Clams


Whiskey - A vanilla and smokey chocolate whiskey with a strong peat side.


Cocoa and Patchouli - An intense cacophony of pleasantly intrusive fragrance notes. Rich seductive patchouli, sweet berries and flower heads heavily laden with nectar, are cut through with earthy spices and balanced with the slight bitterness of dark cocoa. TN: APPLE GRAPEFRUIT CUCUMBER. MN: MAGNOLIA TUBEROSE MUGUET ROSE VIOLET. BN: SANDALWOOD AMBER MUSK.


Ambre - A warm Luxurious indulgent scent of precious amber and incense with radiant woods of cedar and vetiver, earthy patchouli, musk and vanilla. Fragrance Notes: Top: Bergamot, incense, amber. Middle: Amber, cedar, vetiver. Base: Musk, patchouli, vanilla.


Creamy Musk and Sandalwood - A creamy, indulgent musky delight. Top notes of caramelised amber and honeyed sweet white musks. Heart notes of softly spiced pink peppercorns and a gentle wisp of geranium stems leading into a base of warm patchouli and buttery Madagascan vanilla pods.


Made within our beautiful new white recyclable clamshells with detachable bow! Hand poured with love using only the finest pure soy wax, vegan friendly oils and topped with beautiful bio degradable glitter. Linky’s Glitter™ wax is super strong and lasts for days. Our fragrances are NOT tested on animals. We are very conscious about the environment and recycling and were determined to find this type of clam. These white clams are made from Recycled Polypropylene which is a widely sought after recycled material because of its ease of recovery from waste streams. Approx 700g per clam.


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