Mothers Day Clam

Mothers Day Clam


Red Pear and Rosehip - The sweetness of juicy red pear and a squeeze of rosehip, in a floral, but botanical blend with rosemary and purple basil.


Vanilla and Anise - An oriental fragrance with leading notes of orange, lemon and anise. With a heart of freesia, vetiver and gingerbread, the fragrance comes together with a base of precious woods, musk, vanila and tonka.


Coco and Yuzu - An edible smelling fragrance opening with juicy orange notes, scattered with facets of lime and lemon, entwined with creamy chocolate, carrying hints of florals and accents of patchouli and vanilla.


Honeysuckle and Davana - This is an unbelievable aroma. Top notes of davana which is a green plant with hints of liquorice, the heart is rich honeysuckle and the base notes are miss and fresh rain. Bringing it all together for a rich earth woody smell.


Approx 225g.