Linky’s Car Scents

Linky’s Car Scents


Luxurious oils in pretty clear bottles with silver lids.



Imagine having your favourite Linky scent whilst on the move?   We recommend that you use the vent clip provided to use this product as tying with the strings may cause the product to fall and spill whilst driving. This could damage your cars interior.


Using the vent clip and ensuring it’s a tight fit before each journey will avoid this.


Instructions: Please set up on an old towel or on a protected worktop etc, just in case of any potential spillages. We also recommend using gloves.


Gently twist the silver cap and pop to one side. Remove the inner plastic cap from the bag and keep aside.  Gently shake or tip the bottle so that a small amount of liquid is released onto the cork. Remove the lid again and push the plastic stopper back into the bottle. You can attach the vent clip by hanging over the neck of the bottle and replace the silver lid.  Add your Linky’s Car Scent to the vents in your vehicle and follow the steps above once you can’t smell the fragrance any longer.