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Floor Fresh:  Instructions: shake on your carpets and rugs, either direct from the refill bag or shaker bottle. Leave for 30 minutes (can be left longer) minimum and then vacuum up! Can also be used on your mattress and sofa, in the same way, to freshen them up. Please keep pets and children away from the raw product when on carpet, prior to vacuuming. Once you have vacuumed the floor powder it’s safe for children and pets. PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a cleaning product and should ONLY be used as a freshener We, as a business, fully comply with the CLP Regulations June 2015 · Remove lingering odours from your carpets, rugs, sofas etc like those caused by pets, tobacco and cooking; and leaves your home smelling clean and fresh.


How to use: 1. ALWAYS TEST IN AN INCONSPICUOUS AREA FIRST! 2. Sprinkle a small amount over carpet/fabric 3. Leave for 10-15 mins 4. Vacuum away. Please check your filter regularly when using Linky's Floor Freshener, as we cannot accept liability for damage to vacuums caused by misuse. We recommend that you always conduct a patch test before use. Safety Data Sheets available on request.


BABY POWDER White cedar and cypress blended with the aroma of blue violets, freesia and ylang for a dry woodsy powdery musk.